Dinah Englund & Tom Vogel are the Founders and Designers behind Topanga Candle Company.

Topanga Candle Company was inspired by Dinah’s incredible sense of asthetic, love of design and all things beautiful, coupled with Tom’s more than twenty year journey of candle making, crafting and pouring, bringing the art of candles to a stunning, achingly beautiful and original design.

Their profound love and respect for each other is what creates the space and ingenious vision of Topanga Candle Company.

Dinah grew up often traipsing along with her mother, Cloris Leachman and her paternal Grandmother, Mabel Albertson (from Bewitched), on their “antiquing” excursions. Dinah loved the stories behind the French and English antiques as well as the utter beauty they portrayed. After Mabel passed on, Dinah and her mother carried on the tradition.  They found Grandfather clocks in the English countryside and the prettiest crystal chandelier discovered in a tiny shop off the beaten path in Paris, to name a couple. To this day, those same treasures from long ago fill their home. That part of Dinah’s childhood has instilled in her a passion for interior design, fashion, art and a very keen eye for spotting that perfect thing ~ whether it be furniture, clothes or beautiful antique tins.

Tom on the other hand, when he wasn’t outside being a boy, was inside taking everything apart and putting it back together again. It is no doubt this deep understanding and passion of how things work, has propelled his meticulous detail to whatever he undertakes. From repairing our 200 year old Grandfather clock to deciphering the surest and most efficient way to hand seal, wick and pour an endless size and variety of different vessels, he is methodical and driven by perfection. Standards he has imposed upon himself, every thing he touches and every candle he makes by hand is of the finest craftsmanship.

When Tom and Dinah first laid eyes on one another, that was all they needed ~ then Tom got cold feet. Dinah figured working together might just do the trick. That’s when the idea hit her like a palette of wax. Sitting in her kitchen one morning, scooping the tea out of a new, ugly tin she had bought, she thought to herself,” what a nice idea it would be to make a candle out of a really beautiful, vintage tin”. That’s when she called Tom. As it turns out, only with the kind of experience Tom has with candles could they make such exquisite product.

Their Candle Antiques range in design and size from a 3” Ribbon Typewriter tin to a 3ft high, WW II Army Cartridge Ammo Box, from light hearted to ingenious to dramatic to simply beautiful ~ from chocolates to candy to biscuits to cigars and hundreds in between.

They live happily ever after in the wondrous and magical mountains of Topanga Canyon, California.